Unhappy with Midland GXT720

The club I hang with uses radios to stay in touch during our activities. I bought a pair after much research. However, most other members use Motorolas. On a ski trip I found myself on the chairlift with other people that used Motorolas. Always the Motorola’s were holding conversations when my Midland would only catch a word here or there. Both of my midlands performed this way. One of the Motorola’s was T6400WX.

Any idea why my midlands perform so poorly?

Also, when the Motorolas key up, it causes the Midland to activate its call alert and start vibrating. Very annoying.

One time when my partner was hearing stuff and I was not, I put the radio into monitor mode. Still it seemed that it did not pick up the conversation very well at all. No better than having it simply on the channel.

We used channel 5, CTCSS 5.

If you bought the radios from us, please give us a call (1-800-584-1445). You might have a defective set of radios. If you did not get them from us, then you will probably want to contact the seller, or even Midland at: http://www.midlandradio.com/Support/Help-Center

They don’t seem defective. They both behave the same. If it weren’t for the Motorola radio’s I would not know anything was wrong. I was able to talk from the top of Whistler mountain to the valley below depending on position.

I should not have said “always.” I should have said occasionally, the Motorola sitting next to me was able to converse with someone distant while I was not. Mind you, these are not all the same Motorolas. Two different people with different models.

Also, one time when someone was nearby, it was clear that I could transmit, but had a much harder time receiving a signal from someone far away. While the person next to me was able to receive the distant transmission.