UK Spec PMR446 Retevis RT7 - anyone got a default frequency list?

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Not quite a GMRS / FRS query but it’s the closest topic I could find.

I’m new to the forum as I’ve just bought my first two-way radio pair. I’ve bought Retevis RT24s on UK licence free PMR446 frequency. I want to join them into an existing network of RT7s by the same manufacturer but I don’t easily have access to the RT7s until I want to use them, so I was hoping someone would have a “default” frequency / CTCSS / DCS table or saved config from their RT7s, saved from the Retevis software that I could load and push to my radios.

Alternatively if anyone happens to just have them in excel or whatever I’d also appreciate that.



You’ve got a problem - because the RT7s aren’t PMR446 radios, so if they’ve been programmed with PMR446 frequencies, then it depends on the person that did it. They probably grabbed Google, and programmed in the 6 channels, then repeated these with different CTCSS tones. Your RT24’s are real PMR446, so almost certainly you’ll have problems matching them up - but almost certainly some of the channels will work. Might be a bot weird - channel 2 on one being channel 6 on another or some other odd matchup - but sadly there is no default when one radio is a wide band UHF radio capable of being programmed to almost anything in the 420-470 range.

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Keep in mind the rt7 is not legal on 446 licence free

Thanks for the reply - I’m aware of this. The RT7s are not mine and the users are, to my knowledge, licensed to use them. They are also I believe running them on low power on PMR446 frequencies so the only issue with them from a licence free basis would be the detachable aerial.

I’m not personally licensed hence my purchase of the RT24s. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that - I didn’t see your reply until just now. I managed to grab hold of one of their radios before the event in question, plugged it into my laptop and matched their channels 9-16 (they commonly only use 9, 10 and 11) with my own and it all worked fine in the end.

Not true even the lowest power setting is double that permitted on licence free , what I dont understand is why if they hold a licence they would wish to operate these on licence free and risk losing either a business licence or worst still a ham licence