UHF/VHF Radio in Vehicle

Hello there, I am new to this forum and looking for some help!

I recently purchased a new F150 and I live right on the ocean. I was wondering if I purchase a UHF/VHF radio to put in my truck, would I be able to listen to the marine radio chatter. On marine VHF radios, the frequencies are listed by number(9,12,16,22,69,71,72, etc.) not by MHz. The USCG has each of the frequencies of the marine channels listed here:


So, my question is, for example, if I tune into 156.800 on a traditional VHF radio with I hear the corresponding channel 16 radio traffic when in range?

Thanks in advance!


Yes - Ch16 is 156.8MHz - historically, marine was in 50KHz channels - so if you half the channel number - you get the frequency - so 14 = 700, 12 = 600 etc. They then stuck in ones inbetween which messes it up, but it works for the low numbers. You just need to remember some are duplex - so instead of one in the 156 band, it will be 160+ Just put in your local stuff and it will work fine.