New to the forum, I’ve just been given the task of figuring out what kind of radios to buy for our company.

We have two buildings that are next to each other, so for interferences I would think that UHF would be better. I was thinking of the: “Kenwood TK-3200L-U15P

However, my boss just came by and said he heard some kind of rumor that UHF is becoming obsolete, which is why that particular model is on sale? I’m not sure if there is any truth to that or whatever.

If anyone could give me insight on what frequency/model to get or whether UHF or VHF is the way to go, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, :slight_smile:


For your application I think either would work. VHF would let you use MURS frequencies which would preclude you from getting a license. An important thing considering you are a business. Too many business ignore this and some get themselves in trouble.

Your boss is just relaying a rumor he heard from someone with no clue. UHF is not going anywhere. True, lots of public service groups are going away from VHF/UHF, but they will be with us forever in other segments of the population.