Tytera MD 9600 woes!

In building a code plug for my MD 9600, I accidently told the computer to “write to radio.” When I noticed what I had done (the code plug wasn’t ready to write), I clicked on “Cancel”. Now, the radio will not accept a code plug except a blank one (I was told this would, basically, reset the radio to factory default).
But, the screen still only shows the antenna icons and “Unprogrammed” on the lower portion of the screen. (Since most DMR repeaters are UHF, and the audio on VHF analog is garbled, I didn’t program anything into VHF).

Any ideas on what can be done to restore the radio to working order? Or should I just accept that I need to buy a new radio?

And, yes, Buy Two Way Radios has told me to contact them on Monday, and they will help. But, I would like to get it done before then.