Tyt uv88 will not transmit?

Hey guys, my new tyt uv88 wont transmit in simplex, it will offset the frequency by the selected offset only. If i switch offset to off it will beep twice when i push ptt but wont transmit anything. This also applies if i program channels in. I have reset it to default and same thing.

Qhat am i missing? Should have got a uv-5r i gues…

What frequency are you trying to transmit on?
here are its standard capabilities for RX and TX:

  • 420-450MHz (TX) / 400-480MHz (RX) UHF Frequencies
  • 144-148MHz (TX) / 136-174MHz (RX) VHF Frequencies

I have tried several frequencies within these ranges. Only the stock uhf frequencies work if i reset the unit. As soon as I key in a frequency it wants to offset, if i turn off offset it wont transmit.

Even if i program it with chirp and set rx and tx frequencies the same it still wont transmit. I can still receive anything i send on my icom.

can you be more specific on the frequency your trying to transmit on?