TYT uv 98 encoding vhf frequencies problem

pls help i cant encode vhf frequencies in my tyt UV 98

Tell us what you are doing. Do you have the correct cps for your computer and the correct cable? What is happening or not happening so far? Or do you mean you have programmed UHF ones but you cannot get VHF to work the same way. What frequency are you trying to put in. Remember it must be within the radio’s limit. We will sort it for you I’m sure, but we need details. P

sorry but i dont have any cable with me. i mistakenly press something that i lost the vhf no matter how i reset the unit

Romeo - you’ve got to try a bit here, we’re not mind readers. You say you have “lost the VHF” what do you mean? You also say you are resetting the unit? How are you doing this?

under VFO function or menu we’re supposed to type or encode example 144.1250 but in my case, if you type it on the last digit of 144.1250 which is zero it will go back to 433.4256 which i encode earlier… i did not even save that number 433.4256.

If it accepts a uhf frequency ending in 6 but not a vhf one ending in a 50, something very strange has happened. Both are wrong. I think you need to try programming via the cps using the cable to see if you can firstly read the radio and examine what settings are there, then put some things in the memories and vfo boxes.

sir paulears i havnt solved the problem, i cant even find a cable and a software for the TYT UV 98. I am so disgusted with this unit of TYT. they do not have a clear after sales support.

The snag is you just haven’t quite got the hang of these radios yet. Remember that you can set all kinds of parameters and in some modes where you go up and down in frequency, you also can select the steps between channels. So if you were on a channel that was set for very fine steps - 12.5KHz steps being the usual common one in Europe/UK, which means that if you start on say, 145.500MHz, and put in 12.5KHz step size, the next click up puts you on 145.5125MHz - in other countries, you might find a frequency specified as 145.52MHz - you would NOT be able to select that one with a dial or up down buttons - 145.5125 or 145.525 will work, but not 145.5200MHz. Even worse some radios go to 6.25KHz steps, so being on one of those and then entering 12.5 step size produces all sorts of weird displays. The software IS available look here software CPS The cables are available everywhere. I’m not trying to be rude or unhelpful, but you have bought a product designed for enthusiasts. This means many people have licences that state “Self-training in radio communications” - it’s a hobby and you are expected to learn and devlop. These products are not designed for the kind of people who go to a chain store and buy a product and then expect the shop or manufacturer to do things for them. TYT have always been very helpful to me, but they sell complicated products to people who they expect are already quite skilled. I get the feeling you are just struggling with the basic concepts, so the suggestions are sort of not sinking in. You need to get the software and the cable. TYT are answering your queries with google translate or something like that - and we know how mangled this can be unless you modify your language - you can’t speak to them like you do on here - it just produces gibberish the other end. Remember your first issue - you can’t encode frequencies? I sell radios to experts and really nice absolute beginners. Many have to take a while to realise radio as a hobby may mean some major hard work, and even getting the hang of the language and jargon. What I mean is you said ‘encode’. In radio speak this is not the word for entering a frequency, it’s the name we use to describe changing something like maybe the CTCSS tones, or on a digital radio, the scrambling (encryption) - so it’s easy to see where mistakes get made with google. Also, you need to remember you are buying direct from the manufacturer. I’m a dealer. When I buy direct from a manufacturer, everything is my problem. If a customer does something silly, it’s not their fault here in the UK they can send it back for a full refund within 14 days, even if they are just being mega stupid. That is what a dealer has to do - NOT - a manufacturer. Unless it is faulty, they don’t get involved. One Chinese supplier often emails and says have you sold a radio to Mr Smith from Rugby - I say no (or yes). She then tells me he asks lots of questions, can I help her understand what he means? I often then get the email and have to tell her he does NOT mean what he says, he means something else. Sometimes I just send them a replacement part or something from one of my stock items, just to keep them happy and she replaces in in the next order - even when not even bought from me. You cut out the middleman by ordering direct, you need to be at least partially responsible. it’s not TYT’s fault you can’t program your radio? The CPS and cables are not hard to source - but may I ask why you didn’t just buy them from TYT if you ordered direct, or from the supplier if you used a foreign supplier? Manufacturers DO NOT have after sales out of country. Icom, Kenwood and others do IF you buy from an in country dealer - they are, however, more expensive> Sorry. Paul