Tyt th-uv8000d

I bought this radio and find frequency on which working at work but cant hear only noise, they also cant hear me. At work using Motorola CP040 what code they usually use?
Can someone help me please
Thank you

The Motorola is a commercial-grade business radio, designed to operate on assigned business frequencies. The TYT is an amateur radio, designed to operate on Ham radio bands. It is not approved for use on commercial (business frequencies.)

In general, many business radios are programmed to a certain frequency PLUS a certain privacy code. If a new radio is not set to transmit that privacy code, then the original radios will not hear it. Plus, if the wrong code is set on the new radio, it will not hear the original radios.

If there is no privacy code set on the new radio, it should hear the original radios (but cannot transmit) because any radio within range can pick up the transmission on the same frequency if no code is set.

As for your specific problem, there is no way to tell why they can’t talk to each other because there are many variables with business frequencies. Is it possible the Motorola radios are on a trunked system? How did you find the frequency? Did you find and/or set any kind of privacy code?

If the Motorola radios have an assigned frequency and are not on a trunked (shared) system, then you need to know both the frequency and the privacy code. It may be on the radio licence itself or can be read with a frequency counter meter when held a few inches away from one of the radios.

Just keep in mind it is not legal to use that radio on any frequency except Ham bands. If you are in the U.S., there are similar radios that are licenced for business frequencies such as the UV-82C. Look for radios that are Part 90 certified and remove the ability to program frequencies from the keypad.