TYT MD9600 Reduce Power Output

The “Low” power setting of the TYT MD9600 is supposed to be 25W.
Any idea how to get it reduced to 5W or below for QRP?

The TYT MD-9600 isn’t designed as a QRP radio, so there is no power output option below the minimum 25W setting, at least without serious modification. Keep in mind that such mods will void the warranty and take it out of FCC compliance for Part 90 type acceptance.

If you are only going to use it to access the local repeater - here in the UK, then you could buy a huge but modestly cheap attenuator - a sort of dummy load with an output socket as well - I can access the local repeater without an antenna at all! it’s half a mile away and I can see it! As a British licence holder, luckily we don’t have any compliance issues - but I’d certainly not delve inside unless you have the knowledge