TYT MD-UV390 Plus 10W output?

I’ve started noticing listings on other sites for TYT MD-UV390 Plus that state 10W output power. Does the TYT MD-UV390 Plus sold by buytwowayradios.com do 10W or is this yet another revision?

I just checked with my supplier (I’m in the UK) - the old PA module has been changed, and all new stock will be 10W. I note an increase in the cost price too!

The TYT MD-UV390 Plus we sell at Buy Two Way Radios is capable of up to 10W of power.

Rick, I’m wondering if the 10W Plus is merely a marketing strategy on the part of sellers, and if it is in fact the same 390 Plus advertised as 5w. I ask because I really want the OpenGD77 to work on this radio. Thank you.


How does this affect the OpenGD77 application? Thanks!

GMA, the 10W versions do seem different inside. Initially owners of the 10W model were having problems using OpenGD77, but now there is a firmware version specific for the 10W models. When you go to download latest version of the firmware, you’ll see a file OpenMDUV380_10W_PLUS.zip - just follow normal instructions for MD-UV380 family of radios and use the firmware specific to the 10W_PLUS model.

opengd77.com might be a better forum for these quetions

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Thank you, Rick.


The MD-UV390 Plus we carry is the 10 watt version. The wattage may vary somewhat between bands and frequencies, which is normal. As is stated on the web site, It has up to 10 watts output power.