TYT MD-2017 unboxing

In case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, here is the unboxing video of the new TYT MD-2017 dual band DMR digital radio.

Rick - please don’t call the video ‘unboxing’, because I expected one of those amazingly rubbish videos with shaky pictures, and the terrible sound of somebody opening the box the postman delivered and providing no useful info at all just a waste of the users time.

Your’s was very different. Details, examples and useful stuff, presented in a friendly and professional style - so to label it an unboxing video does it a real disservice.

Thanks for the video - but please change the title, I hate unboxing videos and it’s only because of the radio I even clicked play - I expected an nerdy and annoying 15 yr old with a strange accent telling me it had a volume control, and an on-off switch and amazingly had a antenna.

Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated!

I understand your reasons for not wanting to label it an unboxing video. There are several reasons why we call it an unboxing. Technically speaking, it falls into that general category, because I actually do unbox it on camera. It’s edited down for time and pacing, but I do show the process early in the video. So it really is one, at least in part.

Another reason is so it can be found during a search. I know some folks cringe at the slow pace of the actual unboxing process, which is one reason why a few of them dislike the whole “unboxing video” concept, but believe it or not, unboxing videos are extremely popular and in high demand, so it’s a very popular search term. A lot of viewers want to know what is included with the product so they know what to expect when they buy one. It often helps them decide if the product fits their needs or expectations before they purchase one.

It also helps when someone purchases a product and it doesn’t include everything they think is supposed to be in the box. They can reference an unboxing video to verify the contents of the package they received are complete and genuine.

Unboxing videos are now their own genre, and they run the gamut from the kid unboxing a game console on a bed or the floor in a living room in front of their mobile phone to professionally scripted and directed videos produced in a studio with 4K gear, and everything in between. There are those who attach a stigma to the term, but there are also many, many others who consider them a legitimate category of video making that remains quite popular indeed.

I do understand Rick - but I’d suggest that 90% of them are worthless. Yours isn’t - so a shame it’s in the same category!

I’m thinking these should be amazingly popular if there’s any justice.

I’m wondering if someone who has a pair of these radios can do a simple test to see if the MD380 scanning bug is also in the MD2017? I’m looking to replace my MD380’s with a radio that doesn’t have this bug.

How to recreate the issue (on MD380 - should be the same procedure for the MD2017)

Set 2 radios are set to the same analog channel so one can transmit to the other. Make sure there’s a scan group associated with that channel.
With Scan OFF on the transmitting radio, when you press PTT, the receiving radio un-squelches immediately and the audio is heard immediately on the receiving radio.
With Scan ON on the transmitting radio, when PTT is pressed, the receiving radio un-squelches immediately as before, but the audio on the receiving radio is muted for a second or two.
If you then re-key the PTT quickly enough, the audio is not muted on the receiving radio and is heard immediately.
It does not matter if the receiving radio is in Scan mode or not.
It does not matter if the scan list has any entries or not.

These videos illustrate the problem.

In the 1st video, I was keeping the radios near each other so that the you can see the screens and I was using the audio feedback (squealing) to show the audio muting action, instead of talking into one radio remotely. The audio feedback is a good indication of how long the audio is muted when the transmitting radio is in scan mode.
The 2nd video demonstrates the problem using my voice instead of audio feedback. You will hear when I enable Scan, the first few numbers are cut off. In this video the radios are further apart and not overloading the receiver, but you can’t see both radios to see their screens.

I only have a single 2017.

We have a budding Yahoo Group to support this radio. There are already some comprehensive tests and results posted. Quite a few issues actually. I have chosen to shelve mine until such time as these issues are addressed, if ever.


Thanks, I’ll join up.