TYT announces new DMR radio

In case you haven’t yet heard, TYT announced the introduction of a new dual band DMR radio, the MD-UV380. From what I understand it is essentially a dual band version of the MD-380.

A couple of weeks ago TYT said they would ship a sample to us and as soon as we receive it, we’ll test it out and post more details on it here in the forum, on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter.

Some early specs provided by TYT include:

[li]Dual Band UHF/VHF[/li][li]3000 channels[/li][li]5W Output Power (Max)[/li][li]Dual time slot for repeater[/li][li]Dual time slot for point to point[/li][li]Color LCD Display[/li][li]Single Call, Group Call and All Call[/li][li]TDMA[/li][li]MOTOTRBO Compatible[/li][li]Firmware Upgradeable[/li][/ul]
According to TYT, GPS capability will be optional and it will ship standard with a 2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack for considerable uptime.

At this time, we do not know if TYT has or will have it Part 90 type accepted for business use, so at the moment we’ll consider it for ham use only. We’ve received numerous queries about other features and functions, but we are unable to verify the specs until we actually have a unit to test ourselves.

You can read our official announcement on the MD-UV380 as well as download their product sheet for more information. Keep in mind that these specs may or may not be accurate, and they may change. We have found through experience (often learning the hard way, as many of you have) that what some manufacturers put in their specs isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of what is actually produced, so use the product sheet only as a general guide.

We will have more accurate information when we have a working production model in our hands and on our test bench. Stay tuned!