Types of CB I am new to CB & Ham

Hi, Im new. I will be putting a CB and ham in my 4x4 Jeep for Overlanding. Can someone tell me what it is called for a cb or ham whereas only the face is mounted and the remainder can be mounted anywhere else. A detachable face I think ?? I am looking for a cb that I can mount just the face and mike.

Im at a loss for words on how to search for it. If anyone knows what its called or has a link to a good one please let me know.

Also, if someone can recommend a good mobile police scanner possably set up the same way, that would be great

Thank you all

You’re talking about a “Remote Head”, that’s common with Amateur VHF/UHF radios such as the Icom 2730A. I don’t believe there is such a capability with CB Radio yet. The closest thing to a “Remote Head” with CB would be the “Cobra 75 WX”…

I hope my answer points you towards a workable solution for your install.


Remote head. Commonly found in amateur radio and some commercial radios (dash mount can’t be ordered in some setups). There are two types of remote head units, traditional remote heads and hand held control heads. The traditional heads are fairly self explanatory. The hand held control heads have all the functions (including the display) built into the microphone. The most “current” HHCH CB out there is the Uniden CMX760. For a Jeep, any would work. Personally, had the new Uniden been out, I would’ve gone that route versus the Cobra 25LTD I have in my XJ.

You can’t use ham without a license, if you had a license you would know what the radio equipment was called. Double standard.
The radio or the antenna didn’t physically talk from point A to point B, it was propagation that allowed you to talk more than local.
Unfortunately were still at solar minimum and the 11 meter cb radio band has been mostly closed for the past several years.
I don’t even hear people talking on cb radio anymore unless there is a band opening…

You said about Remote head. You can’t use ham witjout license. First of all you have to know about this in details then you will go.