TWRS-153 - New Wouxun KG-1000G GMRS Mobile Radio

New episode of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast! We tell you all about the new Wouxun KG-1000G GMRS Base/Mobile Two Way Radio and how this could usher in a new era for the GMRS. Listen now!

TWRS-153 - New Wouxun KG-1000G GMRS Mobile Radio

Show Notes:
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Just as a note - whilst there are those who instinctively disregard Wouxoun gear, you can’t argue the value of their pro/commercial market kit. Sure it’s not exactly on the cutting edge of performance, but most commercial users don’t need that - they need cost-effective stuff and Wouxoun gear definitely fits when you need quantities or individuals need to by their own gear for work.

They’ve been around (long before they were marketed outside of PAC regions) at a commercial/LMR focus level for a healthy number of years.

I’d rather take a few of theirs on outdoor setups where damage was a likely and spares. I mean, in the analogue arena, the KG-UV9K in Pro Pack kit form is a bargain really. Likewise on the analogue front, I keep a couple of each of 4M, 2M and 70cms capable monoband KG’s trickled charged for backup purposes knowing they just are there. The KG on 4m makes a good occasional telegraphy testbed for packet transmission and when you need quiet barely active let alone congested frequency access.

So they are definitely not to be dismissed on cheap = rubbish irrational grounds.

In fact, they make me think of old Zenit cameras in terms of bargain value, just lacking the bombproof construction of Zenit cameras but they are cheap, replaceable and available which is their value.

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