Two-Way radios for the lake

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I am looking at getting some two way radios for use at the lake and while camping. We will use them at the cabin, on the lake with the seadoos and while we are camping. We will also use them when driving to communicated back and fourth as I usualy pull the trailer and my wife is behind me with the seadoos and we usually travel in a convoy with my parents and wifes parents do come along when we go on some trips. We would like to communicated with the cabin (which is really close to the lake) to whoever is on the seadoos. Esspecially if an emergency should arrise and someone needs assistance. I have been looking at motoroloa gmrs radios and cobra two way radios as well. We would need about 4 radios for sure. Maybe purchase more later. Any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated!

Thanks for all the help!

Give these a look:

They have 5 watts of power so you will have good range (1-2 miles), and are a good all-purpose radio. They even have NOAA weather channels/alerts.

Hi, Thanks, i will look at those radios. I know you will never get the advertised range but what are you more realisticly likely to get?

Thanks again!

1-2 miles.