two way radios for cruise ship

my wife and i attempted to use our frs radios on a cruise recently and if either one of us were mid-ship or in our rooms reception was poor or non existent. could someone reccomend what our best options would be for 2 way radios. (brand specific)
thanks in advance

You will want to use GMRS frequencies and not FRS. Just about all of the top-end FRS/GMRS radios have the same range and ability to transmit though obstacles (walls and such).

Cobra currently is the only manufacturer with lithium ion batteries (less charging).

Midland makes radios with a focus on outdoor use (rugged and water resistant).

Motorola makes all-purpose radios.

Uniden makes tough, water resistant radios.

Since there are only a few differences it will come down to preference. Cobra makes a compact radio:

They also have a larger model:

Midland has a nice radio that can deal with a bit of rough handling: