Two Way Radios and headsets for paintball

Hey to start I have my GMRS license, and know a little bit about the basics.
I had two talkabout radios (don’t remember the model) but one of them died. I was thinking about maybe replacing them with something like the Midland GXT1000VP4 since they are waterproof, and also getting something like the Midland AVPH8 Throat mic or the AVPH3 transparent security headset.

anyone else have any better suggestions for mics and or radios? Or does this sound like a good setup for paintball?

P.S. forgot to mention the “silent operation” mode seems like it would be very useful for sneaking around.

Those are some of the more popular radios and mics that people get for paintball. Some of the more, er, serious players eventually go with Icom. :slight_smile: