Two way radio versus/difference from intercom


I am a new member and would like to ask about whether I should purchase a two way radio or an intercom for the house? I need it to communicate with other members of the household to save steps and/or shouting.

I have been doing extensive research into the two way radios when the question crossed my mind about the battery time. To use as an intercom, wouldn’t the unit need to be charged and working at all times, as you and the other persons would not know when you will be ‘calling’, and wouldn’t this be draining the batteries? Can you leave the radios on the chargers all the time?

My first choice would be the hand held radios as they would also be useful out of the house whereas the intercom system would be stationary.

Thanks for any suggestions or opinions,

I would go towards the TriSquare eXRS 2-way radios. They run off 3-AA batteries or you can buy the ones that use rechargeable battery packs. They are virtually interference free because they use frequency hopping technology. They are priced well, anywhere from $60 for 2-TSX-100 radios or around $95 for 2- TSX-300 radios. The 300 radios offer many additional features.

A lot of radios, if left on chargers, will have the battery packs overcharge. The Cobras I reviewed tend to turn off the charger when the batteries are fully charged, and I understand the TriSquares can be left on charge for extended time.

The TriSquares are more secure, so they may be the best bet for intercom uses.

Thanks for both of these replies. I’ve been doing a lot more reading and have narrowed it down pretty much between the Midland GXT-1000VP4 and the Trisquare TSX300-2VP eXPRS. They both sound good and have everything I would need in an intercom situation; I especially like the vibrating feature as my husband is hard of hearing.

One thing that really throws me off is that when I read reviews on places like amazon of those who purchased these. The bad reviews always turn me off of a product because I might just get that one that doesn’t work.I would think that if something is well made that they wouldn’t have so many bad experiences.

What would be the real main difference between these two not considering the price?

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The main difference is that the TriSquares use different frequencies with a lot more channel combinations. It is next to impossible for another user to jam or interfer with you. With the Midlands, if someone discovers your channel, they could monitor you or interfere with you.

A lot of Amazon reviews come from people with little real worls communications experience. They see the marketing hype and base their opinions on that. You see these companies advertising 30 miles or more and when the people don’t get that, they hate the radios.

I have many years of communications experience, starting in the Army in communications and going from there.

BOTH the Midland and Trisquares will fit your needs… it is up to you to make a decision based on featurs, functions and other personal needs.

I ordered the Midland .

Thank you for helping me decide.


Good deal… let us know how they work out…

All the best.

Would love to know how this worked out. We have a large multi-family house and I too wanna use some handhelds this way. Would leave 'em in their charging cradles and put 'em in bedrooms, basements, common areas, one in the shed outside, etc.

They’re probably long gone. I’ve discovered that for many families - pressing a button to speak - is the killer. Some people, including my 5yr old grandson can do PTT with no real bother, yet some people just cannot get it at all - anbd then their frustration with no answer, or chopped off words kills it. Radios are great - if - your brain works in simplex, with a finger. My wife, for example, cannot fathom PTT and mouth synchronisation. She can do duplex on phones fine - but not simplex with a thumb AND mouth.

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