Two-Way Radio for Tours at Urban Museum

Hi, I’m new to the field of two-way radios, but need advice to purchase the best one for coordinating tours at our labyrinthine museum here in the city, downtown. It doesn’t have to have a long range, but if walls are a problem, that’s going to be an issue. Also, it should be as inexpensive as possible, but needs to be good value so we’ll have them around for some years. I’d like to use rechargeable batteries instead of "AA"s and have decent sound quality as well. Any thoughts? Thanks!

I am using the MidlandGXT1000’s, in and around my work shop and home. The work shop is steel clad and aprx. 100 yards from the house. I also use them at 2 work sights, both have different types of buldings. most of the com. between the pair is no more than 2 miles, I have NO issues with the Midland GXT1000’s. They are a good all around unit for the price.
I also, only use the radios on the High setting on the GMRS channels, But That Requires that you have the proper license to transmit.

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You have to understand that if you are considering using FRS radios that you are sharing frequencies and there is the possibility that you could get interference for co-users. Plus they are cheap and are not repairable if they quit working or if you drop one.

If you can afford them I recommend the Motorola DTR410 radios. They don’t require a license, they are digital and offer complete privacy, they are commercial grade and will last for many years and they operate on 900MHz which will work good in your enviornment.