Two-Way Radio & eVox Question

I searched for a few different things, and never came up with any results.

Basically there is an off-road event coming up, and I have been asked to help out on the staff. I am looking for a cheap good two-way radio that supports vox. I will most likely be around quite a bit of noise.

My other question involved eVox. I see a lot of two-ways advertised with this, but no real description. I have seen it requires no microphone. If this is the case, will it the vox work with a microphone or will the quality not be good?

Thanks for your help everyone!

Should be fairly obvious that if you’re around a lot of noise, VOX will not work.

You would be constantly keyed up by noise, and interfering with everyone else.

There’s also the question of what kind of radio? Unless you’re providing radios for everyone, yours has to match theirs, in type, if not model.

I will be using a head-set so I thought the vox would work alright, I wont be in the pit, actually probably on the track, so the noise wont be that loud really.

Why would the radios have to be the same? They all run the same channels don’t they? Same as a cb, not everyone has to have the same cb to talk to each other. If I understand two-ways correctly.

Are they using GMRS? FRS? Business channels? Different radio services can require different radios.

They could be using MURS (VHF).

Using a headset means you will be able to hear. It does nothing to stop the noise around you keying your radio to transmit and interfering with others, if it’s at all loud.

If they are using GMRS, you must aquire a license to transmit there.