Two way and headset

I’m currently looking for a pair of two ways and headsets to use for paintball. I’m looking at the Midland LXT440 since I don’t want to spend more than $50 for a pair. The tricky part is finding the right headset that is compatable and has a speaker and mic. I can’t fully tell but it seems the style of ones I would like are just mics, where as ones with a speaker have clip-on mics. I would like to have a mic I can place infront of my mouth so I don’t have to speak at a high volume. If you know if any of the headsets with extended mics have a speaker, or other models that are not too bulky and compatable, that would be great.

EDIT: After further searching, I’ve come across the Motorola FV700R pair and the XLT TM100-MT with the finger PTT. I’m guessing that these two would be compatable? Also, do these throat mics have a good grip and wouldn’t flop around when running?

Yes, the Motorola FV700R and the XLT TM100-MT are compatible. The TM100 is pretty stable, some have complained that it is too tight even for people with larger necks. The TM100 isn’t adjustable like the higher end TM200-MT.