Two radios with separate chargers

Hello people,

i am looking for a set of two radios however they will be kept in different houses therefore i will need 2 chargers to charge them or maybe a decent set of battery powered ones, i have searched but cant find any i am looking at lower budget radios with a range of 5 miles or 8KM +


Five miles is going to be tough, especially with both radios being indoors. I definitely wouldn’t guarantee that you would be able to communicate radio to radio at that distance, especially if you’re not in an optimal situation where you have line of sight.

As far as separate chargers, none of the consumer grade GMRS radios have offer that at this time. However you should definitely look at the Motorola Talkabout line. Many of those models have USB charging ports and can be charged through a standard mini-USB cable, like is used by many cell phones. It sounds like you will need all of the power you can get, so I would suggest you look at the MT350R or the MR350R.

Thank you very much for the reply will be looking into these radios :slight_smile:


I have decided to go for the Motorola TALKABOUT MR350R, now the thing is i can order and receive the radios at a good price however am living in the isle of man (Close to the UK) so i was wondering if this handset would work outside of the US? i dont expect the weather updates to work but aslong as i can communicate then i will be fine.


Depends on how you define “work”. The radios aren’t dependent on any outside service, so one radio will talk to another as long as it is close enough to receive its signal - it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

The frequencies that this radio uses, however, were set aside by the FCC in the United States for personal communications. I know they are legal to use in Canada as well. It’s entirely possible that other countries have set these frequencies aside for a different use, and your using them may cause interference. I would definitely recommend that you check your local laws to see how the FRS and GMRS frequencies are regulated before buying.