TV Antenna, what to do with it?

Like i said in my last thread, im new to the indepth world of radio, but ive been listening for years… id like to hook up my old cobra 148 and see who talking around this area since ive only been here a few years. also id like to move my radio shack pro 2096 scanner inside instead of in my car to make room for something new.

so ive been doing alot of reading on different antenna styles functions and purposes. Some things i understand and know more about. and somethings im more confused about. Theres a tv antenna mounted on the roof of my house, I really should take a picture and post it so im not giving you guys false information and you can see 1st hand what i have. but until then this is the closest example to what i have.

(however i believe the arrow shaped portion is the opposite direction "wider elements towards the 90ish degree V shaped element thats on the right side in that photo. <<<i bet you’ll read that 2 or 3 times lol

anyways. from what ive read, i learned a bunch of “how it works” on the antenna topics, but not so much answers to my questions “will it work and how well”

Heres what i got out of it all. For this antenna to be used with a scanner. Turn it roll it on its side. and have it rotated marginally so that the narrower elements point in the direction of the furthest point at which id want to recieve transmissions from. appx 12 miles UHF. and the furthest the exact opposite only about 2 miles on VHF frequencies. Also seperate the antenna from the mast with a non conductive supportive material such as a treated piece of wood. It has a flat 2 wire cable thats cut off dangling from it, i suppose i should run new 75 ohm cable, right? What im not sure of is how to hook the wire to the antenna. i guess once i get up there and look at whats there i might be able to figure it out.

And for it to be used as a CB antenna. Mount it the same as the scanner just not seperating with a piece of wood. TX/RX performance be best in the direction of the narrow elements. New 50ohm coax, and swr calibration.

but will ill be better off with a non ground plane 102" whip or a firestik ontop of a pole? If so i can use the TV antenna for the scanner and a non ground plane method for the cb, just above the tv antenna off the same mast?

i also considered a jpole. would that be a significant improvement over a non ground plane? Like i said will be using just a cobra 148 mobile as a base for the time being

My mind is jumbled just thinking about it all so ill have to come back to this. but any insight would be much appreciated!

Don’t use anything but a CB antenna for CB. If you use a TV antenna, you will not get good performance and you will destroy the finals in your CB.

I use a Solarcon A-99 for CB/10M ham radio use, with an antenna switcher so I can use it for both. I also use a discone with my scanner.

The TV antenna is not useful for anything but… basically, TV.

I’d pitch the TV antenna.