Troubles Programming Baofeng UV-5R

I purchased three Baofeng UV-5R radios a few months ago. One of them is marked a UV-5R+. I have programmed several of these radios in the past, using Chirp, however for some reason, these three will not allow me to program them. I have tried new programming cables, made sure my Chirp is the latest version. When I plug the programming cable into the radio, it will act as if it is transmitting, which I’ve had happen before, but with these three, it will show that it is cloning, but will not progress. It will lock up my COM port, and requires a reboot of my laptop. I can check the Firmware that comes up on the radio as BFB297 (on the two UV-5R, I am not able to get the firmware version off the 5R+, not sure if its a different key hold sequence.

Anyone have any ideas how to correct this??

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide.

Make sure you have the proper drivers. It is also essential to use the same usb port, as windows will try to install the latest drivers, which will not work on most programming cables, due to these cables having counterfeit chipsets. You likely need to downgrade your drivers to a pre-crippling version. Many people are going over to FTDI based cables to avoid all the Prolific drama is the best source of online info for these radios.