Trisquare TSX300

This ain’t the best review but my thoughts on these.Bare in mind that I’m not a radio guy that has use all sorts of radio’s.I can only compare these to the ones I’ve got and used.
I put one radio in the metal building where I work and I drove to town.

Building to Car at first red light - .244 mi. with a little static.

Building to Car at a bridge going towards town - .736 mi. nothing,a little static hit the radio to set off the recorder but couldn’t here nothing.But on the way back from town it went thru with a lot of static but I could understand my talk,about the same distance (+/- 1 tenth).

At another intersection on the way back it hit a little too,right at .5 mi.

At my house last week I left one with my son as I drove around the block.

House to car at bottom of hill of street - .144 mi with very little static.
As I turned left I kept in contact with him all the way to the stop sign - .595 mi.
Turned right and went down hill a little and lost him - .685 mi. no contact.

When I got to the top of the hill I could talk to him ,but there was a lot of static,distance around .740 - .8 mi.

Drove on and found a spot on a hill that I knew would pick up - .45 mi.

Then drove to where it should have picked up but wouldn’t.It’s only .26 mi. and 95% trees (mostly hard wood),no hill between me and the house.Very disappointed in that.

Then Saturday went to the lake so my son could learn to ski,after about 6 tries he got up and went about 100 yards,two times in a row.

After that we went to the other side of the lake the was LOS with my mom on the shore. - .687 mi.I had both TSX and Motorola T5710 set on FRS (legal for me) channel and both picked up.
The Moto’s has a pretty good bit of static for some reason,but the TSX300’s sound as clear as if I was 50’ from her,no static at all.

Still,I don’t think I’m satisfied with the performance of them,even though they may be operating to spec.

Couple of things I think should make them better is a better antenna,longer or something.Could that be done and still be FCC approved?

And I hate the belt clip,it just feels like junk.But I did pull one out of my back pocket and it fell about waist high and skid a little,scratched the bottom a little,seems tougher made than what I’ve read.

Just realized I put it in wrong place,sorry.
And I don’t know how to edit these post too good.

I just took the TSX300 out again at the house.But this time I set one out on the back deck with recorder on VOX.
Well,they seem to do better with the one outside.They would pick when when they wouldn’t when one was in the house.

The place where all the tree’s are at .26 miles,it picked,but with alot of static that I could hardly make out the words,but a few words got thru.

TheTSX is now on the other side of the house so I thought it wouldn’t pick up because they didn’t the other day.
But I drove past the farthest place and they picked up all the way to a house I turned around at.That total distance was 1.080 miles,with tree’s and some buildings in the way,Lots of static noise and some words broken up,but none the less they communicated.

That seem a little more impressive but still far away from what I’d like.I know FRS frequencies
“WILL NOT” pick that far in the same setting,and I don’t think allot of the other GMRS/FRS consumer radio’s would do that.

I’d like to see a longer (read: NON-helically wound) antenna on the TriSquare as well…

Maybe an extensible antenna such as found on some cell phones? That way, the antenna could be left down until needed for longer range, and would (maybe?) still be legal as an integral antenna.

Good review.

Indoors, the Trisquares far exceed FRS/GMRS radios. Outside, they have given FRS/GMRS radios a run for their money. True, I would say you will all in all get better outdoor range with GMRS… but remember, you need a license for GMRS… with eXRS, none is required.