Trisquare TSX300 vs Midland GXT900

I am looking for radios to use for bike to bike communication while motorcycling. Typical distance we would need is probably.25 to 1 mile which would seem to be doable by the GMRS/FRS radios as well as the TSX300.

We would use helmet mounted headsets with PTT buttons (no VOX).

The radios themselves are probably going to be stowed in a a pouch, bag or ABS saddlebag/trunk, i…e I really don’t care about any features other than I want to turn them on, get all of them set to the same channel, put them away and when we push the talk button, get the best sounding voice communication we can over the longest distance.

From the reviews I have read, I have found good and bad for both radios, but generally good. Can anyone offer advice on which might work best for this application? Or just to confuse me further, offer an alternative suggestion?

I use my Gxt-900’s for biking all the time and 90% of the time i can get more than 1 mile out of the while riding. If reception is a little bad I just look for a clear area near me and that’ll help clear up reception/transmission. I also use the head set that came with it and it works well, it’s just cheap and takes a minute to get comfortable. Vox works well with it, just lightly blow into the mic for a half-second before talking and you should be good. As far as packing them away, I haven’t done that, I usually clip (stock clip) them on to my waistline or belt. Not one has fallen off yet and I have hit some hard bumps. Hope this helps you out.