trisquare tsx300 Motorola DTR410 on same channels?

Howdy all. We have a bunch of Motorola DTR410 and DTR610 radios all running on the stock public 1. Just bought a couple of Trisquare TSX 3002VP radios and would like them and the Motorola’s to be able to talk with each other with out re programing the Mot’s. Before I tear any hair out I thought I would ask the experts on the how to’s and any hints on what channel that corresponds with the trisquare the mots are using.

Greg K6GPH

You can’t. Both brands use their own proprietary “channels,” which aren’t really channels in the traditional sense, but rather a pre-programmed frequency-hopping algorithm.

The Motorola radios are industrial-grade, mil-spec business- class radios. The TriSquare radios are consumer walkie talkies. The Motorola radios also hop frequencies much faster than the TriSquare radios, and as far as I know, no one has been able to eavesdrop on a conversation in any understandable way with consumer-level scanners.

There are no corresponding channels (or more correctly, frequency-hopping algorithms) in common between the two brands.

The product reviews for both of these radios are very comprehensive and will give you good information. Even if the trisquare and motorola dtr radios did not frequency hop and could be set to the same frequency, they could not communicate with each other due to the fact that the motorolas are truly digital radios while the trisquare radios transmit and receive analog FM…the digital technology involved with the trisquare refers only to the digital spectrum frequency hopping capabilities.