TriSquare TSX100 and TSX300?

Has anyone had experience with these radios?
Im planning to use these for Airsoft, and I need them to be able to be connected with other radios with no or very little problems. Ive heard about these radios becoming unsynced sometimes. I want to know if this is true.
I need them to stay connected in thick woods. Will they do the job?


go to the reviews and look at my review.

At any rate, we used them atDisney a couple weeks ago and my wife contacted my over a mile away with no loss of synch.

I WILL however, say this… She was in the hotel room and I went to the pool less than a quarter mile away… we had range problems… BUT there was a lot of trees and bushes that will kill UHF transmissions…

With that… I recommend VHF, such as MURS for areas such as woodlands… UHF is great over ares with low vegetation.