TriSquare Rep

I would like to introduce Mark with TriSquare Electronic Corporation. He is a well of knowledge about the eXRS technology, his radios (TSX-100 and the TSX-300) and their capabilities.

If you have any questions post them for him and he will get a reply out.

Once again welcome:) to Mark and the rest of the gang at TriSquare Electronic Corporation. Its great to have you with us.:smiley:

I recently purchased eXRS radios for our cruise. I have the pack that contains 2. I need to purchase and additional radio itself. Will the 3 radios work together? I wasn’t sure if there is anthing special needed to do to hook them up . Thank you.


If you purchase a third TriSquare radio, it will be able to communicate with the two you already have. Just be sure all radios are on the same channel.

We are a small school with 40 TriSquare eXRS radios. I have programmed a radio and cloned it to the rest. I have one group channel for certain ‘sets’ of radios.

I would like an emergency all call. If all my radios had the same group…would they be able to detect chatter on it like they do the private channel?

So…if they were are group#1 channel…I could set the radio to still listen for chatter on emergency channel #1?