Trip to Europe

I will be traveling with a group of about 15 people to Europe, specifically northern Italy. We will have 4-5 cars and will be doing several day trips. I though it would make sense to buy some two way radios for the trip so that we can stay in touch on the road.

I was looking at spending as little as possible - under $50 per pair.

I understand there are some issues with US radios being approved in Europe but in theory they should still work…correct?

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

We really do not recommend using radios with frequencies for use in North America being used in Europe. You could interfere with police/emergency frequencies, and even get in a bit of trouble. That said, a radio is a radio and they will work just fine.

The USA radios operate on European public safety frequencies. You’ll go to jail fast.

Irv. Thanks for the informative info. We are really looking forward to this trip. Hope to leave around the 1st of June.

Try using the TriSquare eXRS radios. They use 900MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum so you won’t have to worry about interference. They are 1000 channels in the TSX-100 and 10,000,000,000 channels in the TSX-300 version so you also don’t have to worry about co-channel users. These are anywhere from $50-$100 a pair depending on the model.

You can use 8 channels on the European PMR466 frequencies (= our FRS).

PMR466 Channel Frequency (MHz)
1 446.00625
2 446.01875
3 446.03125
4 446.04375
5 446.05625
6 446.06875
7 446.08125
8 446.09375

That is not true… the FRS frequencies are as follows:

1 462.5625
2 462.5875
3 462.6125
4 462.6375
5 462.6625
6 462.6875
7 462.7125
8 467.5625
9 467.5875
10 467.6125
11 467.6375
12 467.6625
13 467.6875
14 467.7125

Don’t do it… the laws over there are MUCH more stringent than over here.

Thanks for the correction.

So what could you do then to avoid any problems? Just buy some radios in Europe once you get there?

Yes… that would be the only way.

Well that’s good to know…I travel often between Europe and the US. I’ve never used my radio’s in Europe though, but I’m sure I will someday…I would have just used my American Radio, and prob. wouldv’e gotten in trouble!