Travelling high Country Tasmania

Hi I’m a newbie. Hello!!:slight_smile:

I planning Photography trips throughout Tasmania, so much of the west region is mountainess. For comms I immediately thought CB radio as I had great success many years ago. For example talking to trucker’s from Perth traveling the Nullabor Plane say 2-2500 Kms. I have recently been told that CB is now rubbish because UHF has superseded it for comms. But UHF only has limited Distance and worse so in Mountainous regions. Some advice would be appreciated. By the By a Sat phone is well beyond my budget. Cheers for any help Pete :):slight_smile:

Hi Pete, welcome to the forum!

While you may get a little better coverage on VHF in wooded areas outdoors, any radio in mountainous regions will be limited by the terrain.

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