Tram 1174 Premium Coil NMO Antenna & Midland MXT100 Question

Hi guys,

With Midland having released their MXT100 Mobile GMRS Radio, and being able to purchase/ pre-order from BTWR, I have begun researching antennas.

Even though it does come with a magnetic mount antenna, I would prefer to have an antenna that is not magnetic. As the title says, I’ve been looking at the Tram 1174 Premium Coil NMO Antenna.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Does the Tram 1174 require a ground plane? (AKA Mount to center of roof)

  2. What kind of connector do I need for the NMO Mount? (Mini UHF or PL259)?

~ KR

P.S. If possible, I would like to avoid drilling into the roof of my vehicle of choice. I’d be utilizing a hood mount instead, which is why I’m looking at the Tram 1174, since it’s only 13" tall, compared to 35" or 33" tall. Either way, the connector I do need to know.

There are different types of NMO mount kits available, including mag mounts, permanent trunk mounts, portable/removable trunk and hatchback mounts that do not require drilling holes in the trunk lid and mirror or side mounts. There are many options for mounting the antenna. However, these NMO mounts have one thing in common. They essentially use your vehicle or some part of it as a ground plane.

  1. The Tram 1174 mounts to any NMO mounting base. The type of mount base and how it attaches to your vehicle largely determine what you will be using for a ground plane (top, hood, trunk, side of vehicle, etc.)

  2. The MXT100 has a SO-239 (UHF Female) connector, so you will need a PL-259 (UHF Male) connector on the cable connected to the NMO mount, something like this.

Thanks for the reply!
I do plan on mounting the Tram 1174 on a hood mount, as based on the instructions provided on my chosen hood mount, it utilizes a factory bolt, and all that needs to be done is remove the bolt, and re-install it to hold the bracket, which means zero holes in my roof. I would then choose either of the PL-259 Connector choices on this hood mount?

I do have another question, but I understand if you do not have an answer for it. I’m planning on installing a mini amber lightbar to the headache rack of the truck. The installation manual for the lightbar, says to mount 16 inches away from ANY radio antenna. While where I plan on mounting the lightbar, and my antenna is well over 16 inches, do you have any thoughts on as to why it says to mount the lightbar 16 inches away?

~ KR

Correct. You would need to choose a PL-259 connector.

The reason you need to mount the lightbar 16 inches away is to prevent harmful interference to radio communications.

I saw the the item in your OP. The link was removed in both posts as it violates the Forum Rules.