Trade even up anyone?

I have a six month old Wouxun RG-UVD1P dual band 144/220 HT. I bought the radio in hopes I could hear and use some 220 in the area. Well, in my area this is no 220.

What I’d like to do is trade even up for the same radio as I have now but the 144/440 version.

These radios came with different packages such as two batteries, dual drop in charger, things like that were extras. If you have the HT radio I’m looking for, keep your extras and I’ll keep mine. We just trade the rig and its software package.

There is NOTHING wrong with my HT! I’d NEVER sell or trade a radio that doesn’t work 100% or I’d tell you up front if anything was wrong with it.

Any takers? E-Mail me at; or call me at; 419-332-5387 or I can call you. My call; N8FIS is good in any callbook.

Thanks for reading… Bill N8FIS

11/24/12 If I could delete this post I would… The radio has been traded… 73