Tk3230 for GMRS

I have the software kpg108d. But I don’t see how to reprogram the radio for GMRS frequencies. On the RX Freq. It’s a pull down list that only shows the possible Business frequencies that the radio comes preprogrammed with.

Does some other setting in the software have to made first to open up the GMRS frequencies?
Is there a Dat file that I can download and then open to reprogram the radio for GMRS ?

I do understand that the radio will loose some functions and will essentially become like a Tk3131. That is ok and what I want to do.

A good start would be to check the FCC designation sticker on the radio and check it on the FCC web site, to see if the radio is Part 95 certified. If it isn’t Part 95 certified then it is illegal to use that radio to transmit in one of the GMRS channels.

Thanks. Everything I’ve read is that this model is Part 95 approved and can be reprogrammed for GMRS. I can buy new ones, same model as mine, that are already programmed for GMRS.