TK-780 + Data = APRS???

I posted this question over on a few days ago and a lot of people have looked at it with no answers.
I was originally going to get a TK-7160 radio and use the data plug in the back of it for APRS. Looked like it would work really slick. I even found a site of a guy that had done it. Well, I didn’t end up getting the 7160 but rather ended up being handed a Kenwood TK-780 and TK-762. It appears that the 762 may work with a little or a lot of work. The 780 seems as though it would work just like the 7160. Now, I can’t find the site.
Basically I plan on tapping into the Kenwood’s already available platform of Fleetsync. However, I am having a lot of trouble coming up with any data on how Fleetsync works or how it likes data fed into the radio. Seems to me, that if you could get the data fed into the radio the way it likes the radio really wouldn’t care what the data actually was or what frequency it transmitted on. Thus, making it a pretty sweet little APRS tracker rig. Put in the right string, put it on APRS freq and rock and roll.
However, I am having trouble getting started in the right direction. Has anyone else done this or worked with Fleetsync?