Software used: KPG-119D(M2)
Product: TK-3302-E [UHF]
Freq: 440 - 470 MHz

Hello everyone! I talked to Anntony earlyer today on live chat with

Plans are to call in to Europe Kenwood tomorrow when they are opened.
But as for now, Ill post here hoping anyone could help me.

I recently wrote FRENCH annunciation data to the transceiver. (Voice language)
Than than all hell broke loose :slight_smile: The transceiver than started blinking red.
It will not stop, it was on all night blinking.

I’ve checked the battery, Ive charged it even. Took a battery from a working transceiver, not working. Still blinking red. I can rewrite the annuncation data to any language, no problems what so ever. The LED turnes green and when it is done it starts blinking red again.

However I cannot write data or read data besides the annuncation.
Trying to read or write I get this error code:

“Check all connections and COM port settings.”

Same goes for reading the Transceiver information.
Works fine with my other 5 radios. No problems writing and or reading.

I goofed around with the password too, might this be the problem?
I added 4466, but I thought that was for reading only and that you still could overwrite?

Also I pressed “Test mode”, might it be in test mode? If so how do I get it out again?

Does anyone know how to factory reset a TK-3302-E?
Tried holding all the 3 buttons in whilst turning on the transceiver, didn’t work. No LED indication. Does not say: “Confirmed” but than again, it does not with any of the other 5 either.

I ran out of hope tbh :slight_smile: Tried almost everything.
Is there any ways to flash the transceivers? Get them running on latest Firmware maybe that will fix my problem.

I am very confident that my issue began after I wrote new voice language to the device…

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advanced.

I didn’t know you could load up new voice files - how did you do it, I don’t see this feature in the software?

Seems probably that this is your root cause - but without knowing exactly what you did, can’t say.