Tk-3207 hep

Hi all, I stumbled upon this site after getting frustrated with programming issues with a new radio I have. The radio is a TK-3207. When I ask the program to read from radio I get the “check communication port and try again” or something like that. Anyone have any suggestion to get my program to read the radio data.


Well, I have to ask. DID you check to make sure the port the program is looking for is the port you are using?

I cuncur… I’ve actually had to go and figure out what comm port my computer was using… especially confusing when using a USB/serial converter…

Good question! I will see if a can figure that out. Thanks so far…

At this point I keep getting an error installing the prolific hardware or something like that. I am currently trying to find a new usb driver to download. Any suggestions?

Finally got some time to play with my radio again. I found some info on comm port settings and did so. I cannot read from radio but while getting frustrated I tried writing to radio with no data on the program screen and apparently it wrote the no information to the radio! After writing no information to the radio a light on the radio would flash red then orange. If I write at least one frequency to the radio the light quits flashing. Even after writing the one freq data to the radio I can never read from radio. I think I need to trash the USB cable for a serial port cable.
Any suggestions now?

possibly… some USB convertors and software don’t play nice. A serial cable should do the trick.