TIme to get GMRS License


I just applied to the FCC for my GMRS license on-line. Anyone know how long it takes to get it, call sign, etc?

If I recall, when I applied, using the credit card payment process I had my call sign within 24 hours and the paper license copy within a week. Give it a few hours after payment and log onto the license manager to check your status. Your call sign will be there soon.

Excellent! Thanks much…

you were right, took a day. FCC makes the process pretty easy … though the price is a bit steep.

Should take about a day.

See, I was right. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Hey I heard somewhere that the FCC was thinking about dropping some of the cost(s) of the gmrs license? Any truth to this?

I know it is a pretty strong rumor. :slight_smile:

so I guess we aren’t getting our money back :o

I’m due in 2010, and I know I am NOT renewing until it is dropped dramatically.

I believe the FCC dropped the ball BIG TIME with GMRS and even MURS. Now they are dropping it again with ham.
I am NOT getting one penny’s worth for that $85! Other than my own sense of doing the right thing.

There actually is an FCC action to remove one of the fees, which should reduce the fees $25 or so. I haven’t heard the status.

I hope it happens before October, when my license expires.