TID-H8 export, make csv, edit csv, import csv

I have a TIDRADIO H8. I am attempting to make a HAM config file and a GMRS config file. I used the phone app to grab a config file which also gets stored where the web app can access it. I switch to the web app and EXPORT the config file. I read the CSV into a spreadsheet. No edit. Write the the CSV, IMPORT the CSV into the web app. Then switch to the phone app. Grab that IMPORTED file, and WRITE to radio … no problem.

But, if I change the CSV in any way it will not IMPORT to the web app. It says …
run-time exception (in computing): java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 2

Sometimes it is index 1, sometimes index 2 … but I don’t edit the first 4 lines of the CSV.

Has anyone successfully edited configuration data using a spreadsheet (CSV>SpreadSheet>CSV)? Thanks.

You really need to forget this way of programming, and simply download chirp. Your radio is on the list and it’s a million times simpler. enter the frequencies channels and other stuff, then just press one button and send it to the radio. the trouble with using csv data is that you can enter too many characters in the fields, and as the data switches with the commas, it’s so easy to miss one little extra 0 or worse, spaces that you cannot see in Excel or similar. I don’t know what your web app is - but it seems a very horrible way to do this. Chirp is almost a standard now, and it knows when the cell data is wrong, sounds like yours isn’t written very well and there’s no error trapping. Are you sure the first 4 lines are really not changing? You might not be able to see what’s in the cell?

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve used chirp on several radios, but I wanted to learn/understand the native cell phone app (odmaster) and it’s interactions with web site odmaster.net . The long-term goal being able to switch the radio from HAM to GMRS (and back) by resetting the radio, and using the cell phone app to reload a stored configuration.

I did try chirp, once, on the H-8. I think the issue was it took an 8 character memory name and the config didn’t work. I isn’t the radio 7 characters?

I will retry chirp, and again, thanks.