Throat mics on a bike

hello, i’ve just asked this but i think it were in the wrong place…oops
sorry…try again…
i’m dead new here so i’m asking for help…HELPPP…
i use a MRC-11 when out riding…well i used to
'coz of the engine noise.(v-twin harley) the radio is permantley turned on.and picks up engine and wind noise.

I’d like to try a throat mic…so i’m hoping someone here might know or at least be able to advise me about what would fit…and more importantley, work.
It’s a single pin plug fitting…
so would any throat mic with a single pin work…?

thanks guys

I’m a motorcycle rider myself. Suzuki Vstrom among many other bikes. I tried those exact headsets you mentioned (Like the MRC-11) and IMOP they sucked horribly. Anything above 40mph was useless.

In my opinion, you will be much better off with one of the many new Motorcycle BT communicators that have come out. They have some great noise reduction technology built in and it will be much better off then a throat mic. This technology has come a long way in the past couple years and is still evolving every day.

My wife and I have the Scala Rider Q2’s that are able to talk bike to bike over Bluetooth. The noise reduction on these headsets is amazing. We can carry on a regular conversation like we are sitting next to each other. Even when I take phone calls people are amazed. We have owned these for 2+ years now and they still work flawlessly. Our models have since been replaced by the newer Scala Rider G4’s, but there are many other manufactures that have come out with headsets also.

Cardo (who makes our headsets) hasn’t done it yet, but a few of the other manufactures are coming out with “BT Hubs” or adapters that allow you to tie in a 2 way radio like a CB, GMRS, FRS, Ham, etc. This is a great addition to these headsets because it really opens up who you can talk to and the different BT peripherals you can attach.

Here’s a good read on a bunch of the BT headsets and intercoms that Webbike world has tested. Keep in mind some of those they reviewed are getting to be a couple years old already though and each year newer and better ones keep coming out -

The Sena SMH10 is one of the top contenders right now and although I haven’t tried one personally, its getting great reviews. It allows you to connect up to 4 BT devices to your helmet including phone, GPS, MP3 player, etc. Sena recently announced their SR10 which integrates with their headset and allows you hook up any kind of 2 way radio with the right connection plug and gives you a Push To Talk (PTT) option. I’ve been waiting for this myself and I’ve read that it should also integrate with the Cardo units too, but Sena is making it, so it should definitely work with their units.

Another brand new one to the market is uClear with their HBC100 headset. This headset is trying something new and doing away with the boom mic and sort of like the throat mics is using the vibrations from behind your ear to pick up your voice. Initial reports though are that it isn’t working as well as people hoped and voices are a bit distorted. This one is still way too new for me to recommend right now. However, they also are designing a BT Hub called the WT300 that can hook up 2 way radio’s to their units. You can read some of the reviews here -

I think I’d look real hard at Sena’s setup for what you are looking to do.