Throat mic and 3.5mm connection?

I’d like to buy a throat mic with a 3.5mm connector. Do any of the mics listed on the website have a 3.5mm output or will I need to get an adaptor? I couldn’t find any mention of 3.5mm compatibility.


Hi, the throat mics on the site are designed primarily for use with two way radios. All have earpieces, so the connectors will have input/output capability. A standard 3.5mm connector generally supports one way operation, either in or out. To accommodate the dual capability of the throat mics, those with single pin connectors will be more than 2-pole and are generally proprietary to the make and model of the radio used.

I am unaware of any adapters that will convert, say, a 4-pole single pin connector to a standard 2-pole 3.5mm audio jack.