Thoughts for your next show?

Here is some ideas that you can use for your next show.

My first thought is that now that you have become amateurs - got a license anyways - that you would look into joining a real amateur radio club.

Maybe you could go to a couple of club meetings from a couple of different clubs and give your idea’s as to what you perceive amateur radio people does.

Maybe you could join the club and you could use that exposure to become real hams!

Another thought is that you could align yourselves with a real amateur radio club and do a Field Days.
I know that you are new hams and that you do not have much band spectrum available to you.

But you could work a GOTA station on 10 meters or the VHF and you could call CQ and see what happens in a contest type enviroment.

Field Days will teach you a little about what it is like to use your amateur radio license in a real emergency - when everyone is screaming for help all at once, and you have to write down call signs and particulars and keep a log sheet and dupe and do all the things that real hams do.

You will find that taking the test - a investment of about a weeks worth of work for most people to read the books and study the questions and the $15.00 investment in the VE test session is the cheapest part of Amateur Radio.

Another thought for another show would be for you guys to upgrade to a General Class License and buy HF transceivers and put up some antenna’s and call CQ for yourselves and make some contacts and write back what your experience was.

I think you have a great format here - although a little on the technicial side - designed to sell radios and equipment more then exposure to radio as a whole. But you have a real audience and could be a positive role model - if you only had the experience to do so.

LMRS / GMRS isn’t all that technicial, since all you have to do is buy a license and buy some equipment and talk to each other.
OR - the governent builds the towers and the repeaters for you and gives you the radios and all you have to do is use them.

The real thrill in radio is actually doing it yourself and accomplishing something on your own. Being able to say - " I did that!"