The Wouxun KG-935G Plus GMRS Radio

New episode of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast! We introduce a new version of the popular Wouxun KG-935G and talk about its new feature updates, including one that could be revolutionary. It’s a Channel Wizard!

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TWRS-175 - The Wouxun KG-935G Plus GMRS Radio

Show Notes:
TWRS-175 - The Wouxun KG-935G Plus GMRS Radio (

I received my 935G Plus very quickly and really like it. It blows my mind about the channel wizard. It brought back memories of programming a Yaesu radio I had to mark 3 places in the manual for the frequency, tone, and memory. Oh have you ever programmed an Azden radio?! We’ve come a long way with quality and price on 2 way radios.

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The channel wizard is one of the best things about this radio, imho. Programming channels directly from the keypad is one of the more time consuming tasks, and one of the more frustrating issues I had with the UV-5R. It was almost as if Baofeng was trying make it difficult. The channel wizard is a much easier process.

I figured it would go over big with the initial announcement, so at first I was a little surprised no one else seems that excited about it so far. Then I realized that few people really seemed to know what the feature was supposed to do. I think that as time goes on and more folks start actually programming channels from the keypad of the KG-935G Plus, they will find out what a potential game changer it may become.

I will definitely give the channel wizard a try. I’ll start with the York GMRS repeater which is the same frequency as Hickory I can get both. One thing I love about the Wouxun GMRS radios is their ease in programming. I know from ham radio that programming the offset is harder on the Chinese made radios. I don’t know how I’d have survived that when I first got my ham license. The channel wizard is a genius idea. Believe me, it took me some time to try Chirp LOL.

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I thought you might appreciate this one Elaine, as it was partially inspired by one of your previous posts about the colors.

Thank you! There is a family with all girls who use GMRS. They have twins that love to talk on Crowder’s Mtn. I was at Walmart one day and there they were smiling at me! That makes my day! Lovew the video! The pink is just right, not too girly.

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Is the programming software for the Plus compatible with files saved from the original 935G programming software? Could you open a file from the 935G that has 400 channels already programmed and save to a file for the 935G-Plus eliminating the need to reprogram 400 channels?

The KG-935G Plus has some features that are not in the original, so there will be some additional settings for configuration in the software. For that reason, the files are not swappable and require different programming software for each radio.

Thanks. I have several different Wouxun GMRS radios and that is one of the downsides, not being able to move frequencies lists from one radio to another.

I have no experience with CHIRP. Would it allow cutting and pasting from one radio to a different radio?