The Two Way Radio Show has launched!

We are proud to announce the launch of a new weekly Internet Radio show about two way radio communications aimed at both businesses and consumers - The Two Way Radio Show!

The new show, hosted by a panel of two way radio experts and technology professionals, seeks to educate the public about two way radios and radio technology while providing entertaining and thought provoking discussion. Each episode features an open discussion on a designated topic, a review of a current or new make or model of two way radio and a Q&A segment answering questions from the Two Way Radio Forums and e-mail submitted to the hosts.

The first two episodes are now available online and can be heard on major Internet radio and podcast venues such as Apple® iTunes®, Microsoft® Zune® Marketplace and The show can also be heard and downloaded directly from the Two Way Radio Show blog at

A new episode is released each Monday. You can also subscribe to The Two Way Radio Show RSS feed and receive the latest episodes as they arrive.

We have created a new forum category to discuss the show. Your feedback and input is welcome and you can post any questions or comments for inclusion in future episodes there as well.

For more information about the Two Way Radio Show check out the official press release.