The truth about radio accessory connectors

Why are there so many different types of accessory connectors for two way radios? Can you convert one type to another? Why or why not? In this episode of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast, we discuss this topic that confuses so many radio users and can be a source of frustration when sorting through all the different types of radio gear on the market.

TWRS-138 - The Truth About Radio Accessory Connectors

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There are so many different types of connectors because they each have different ‘pluses’ and so are good for different things. Or, they were in use at the time a particular radio was designed, or who knows how many other reasons, carried over from a different service?
Is there some specific connector you are talking about?

Specifically we were discussing audio accessory connectors. Did you hear the podcast?

Great topic for a podcast, Rick. I know this annoyed me to no avail back in the day. I wish there were podcasts like yours back then. haha

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