The Motorola RDM Series MURS radios now available!

Motorola just released the RDM2020 and RDM2080d MURS two way radios and both are available for immediate delivery! These new models are 2 watt dedicated MURS VHF radios utilizing all five frequencies. These radios are great for business communications as they do not need a license to operate.

The RDM2020 and RDM2080d radios are identical to the RDV2020 and RDV2080d, respectively except they are true MURS radios. Check out ourblog post on the new radios!

What a great idea :slight_smile: Glad someone decided to get MURS radios back into production :slight_smile:

Do you have FCC ID’s from these radios? I’m curious under what rule parts they are certified under, as well as other specs.

FCC id on both the RDM2020 and RDM2080d is AZ489FT3823. Both comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Any other specs you need let me know. :slight_smile:


Ah… type accepted Part 95J Interesting. I didn’t think they had a sub-part J… oh well.

Reason I asked is that I was curious if there was still a MURS type-acceptance, since the rules are confusing. I was under the impression any radio that could operate within specs, power limits, etc was legal. This appears not to be the case… or perhaps still is BUT the FCC is still certifying radios for MURS…


At any rate, I’m glad someone is getting radios out there for MURS.


(g) Each Multi-Use Radio Service transmitter (a transmitter that operates
or is intended to operate in the MURS) must be certificated in accordance
with subpart J of part 2 of this chapter, Provided however, that those
radio units certificated as of November 12, 2002 need not be recertificated.

Thanks… I was in the MURS rules in Subpart J… I missed the tech info in Subpart E

In the specs for these radios it indicates that they have fixed antennas. Isn’t one of the benefits of MURS that you can hook up to a larger antenna? I’m a noob so forgive me. Is there a way to attach some type of external antenna clip to a radio with a fixed antenna such as this? Curious because these radios seem to be exactly what I am looking for except for the fixed antenna.


Be advised that the MURS frequencies 4 & 5 are the same as the old Dot frequencies Blue and Green. Since everyone from Granger, Radio Shack, Home Depot, etc. sold radios on those frequencies with no license there are 10’s of thousands of those out there nationwide. I would recommend staying on channels (frequencies) 1,2,3.

Most Wal-Marts, fast food restaurants, etc. use the Dot frequencies. Busy, busy.

These particular Motorola MURS radios do not have a built-in option for connecting an external antenna. You can find VHF radios without fixed antennas that can use MURS frequencies but they are 5 watt radios and will need to be reprogrammed as MURS is limited to a maximum of 2 watts.

Thanks for the info. IS there a radio model that you would recommend that could be programmed for MURS and does not have a fixed antenna?