The Midland GXT5000 returns December 2013

We just received word from Midland that the GXT5000 will return in mid-December 2013.

I suppose there isn’t even a smidgen of a chance that I could still purchase one of these radios, is there? It doesn’t matter where, I’d just like to get one.

Midland discontinued it years ago, and it was manufactured in limited quantity. Those who own them generally hang on to them, so the chances of finding one for sale is rather small.

Yeah… :frowning:
I think my only chance of getting one would be if someone who didn’t know how good they where (which is very unlikely) had one for sale.

I went on eBay and Amazon a couple years back and picked up 3 to go with the 2 I had. And no, I am not selling them. Maybe my wife will when I’m gone, but me, I luv the idea of having good reliable commas for emergencies! Keep looking. They are out there. Just nobody wants to get rid of them. I got lucky and s scored one for $40, one for $75, and one for$125, that one new in box from Cabelas Bargain Cave. Do a check every week…good luck.