The KG805 series and maybe others ANI

This question probably applies to all the KG805s and other higher end Wouxons but I am asking it specifically about the KG805F. The programming software lists several features but they are not discussed at all in the online manual. I am excited about each of my future units to self ID upon key up.

  1. Each channel - Optional Signal: off/DTMF
  2. ANI-ID Switch: yes/no
  3. Call Ring: yes/no
  4. ANI-ID Roger: yes/no
  5. PTT-ID: off, 1-10
  6. ANI-ID Code: 000-999
  7. Ring Time: off, 1-10
  8. Mode Switch: 000000-999999

Same for the 905G. And, there’s functions in the software that have no mention in the manual as well. Betting that’s the case for the 805G too. Perhaps they were for other radios and still there when the software was recycled for this model, but it’s kind of lame wondering what else can be configured and not knowing.

BTWR did a good job of answering my questions, they were responsive, but even they were stumped on some functions. They encouraged me to play around with the mystery functions but I never did. Still a great radio but I wish I understood all of it’s software options.