The FCC Proposal to Lower GMRS License Fees

As noted elsewhere, the FCC proposed to raise fees on amateur radio licenses. But there is a flip side to this coin. They also want to lower the fees for GMRS licenses! This short audiogram explains.

TWRS-151 - The FCC Proposes to Lower GMRS License Fees

The FCC Proposal to Lower GMRS License Fees audiogram

Because anything to do with radio use interests me, even stuff of curiosity or just happening in the bigger radio world, I’d say it’s a good thing for serious users - anything that (short of total anarchy deregulation and removal of operator and equipment TA and usage mandates) is good for serious users as it opens the door by lowering the initial costs.

I’ve no idea about startup costs on GMRS, but most license-requirement LMR services have a not cheap startup costs on a multiple sets and group usage, by the the time you sum it up, either the license fee or fees can be a pain inducing shock on top of a pricey equipment and antenna setup or just equipment where handhelds go. If you opt for the eBay bargain basement Chinese specials for the equipment, sometimes the sum of licensing can exceed the cost of equipment.

So a reduction of regulatory mandatory costs is a pleasant outcome especially when the LMR service has established itself and become popular.

Where it becomes a two-edged razor sharp sword, is when the domestic leisure use of LMR‘s becomes an anarchy minefield (comparable to 11m CB) and then you deregulate it or remove/heavily reduce license costs. It matters not to the abusers who mostly operate unlicensed or outside of permitted usage, but to newcomers who take advantage of a more affordable entry point and ongoing cost, in-allocation anarchy can turn a cheap solution into a dustratchet pretty ■■■■ quickly.

So, whilst it benefits the greater good of those who play the game and don’t abuse, it’s going to be good news provided it don’t further encourage the anarchy that all radio services suffer in some degree.