The commcations you have

What if the cell towers went out
And the repeaters went down
What radio would you use?
Murs or CB radio or ham radio
What if your not a ham radio operator
What would you do ?
Even if your in a fallout shelter and the EMP has fried the cell towers
And the repeaters and the you manage to protect the only 2 way
Radio you got what will it be?

I figured these were song lyrics - they look like they are!

OK, I guess you must be one of these people we’ve heard about who believe the end of the world is nigh, and your comment about EMP means you think you’re going to be nuked?

Well all I can say is that I lived through the Cold War and never worried about this stuff at all - despite being involved in Civil Defence here in the UK. We had a system here, Planned for and tested quite frequently, and the basic idea back then still hold good once you work out what is going on.

The two separate groups would be the Government using comms to keep things going - so for them, the basic emergency centres around the country were connected by a microwave backbone, and VHF and UHF links to keep the counties connected. Oddly, back then CB radio was small, undeveloped and illegal - so it was not included. Radio hams were - they had ins and outs to the Government system. People with radios, able to feed in data and act on information.

There was even a ‘last resort’ radio. Old HF sets to be used if everything else failed.

The general public had broadcast radio, the BBC, not commercial stations who had studios in the Government centres.

Now, that’s all gone. If tensions suddenly meant nuclear war was likely, then again the hams, but probably CB radio would be used for talking to the people, alongside the BBC and independent radio and TV networks - using internet/satelite and terrestrial services.

Phone networks all have limited battery backup, but they also have an essential services mode. Nobody here has fallout shelters - they simply are not a feature here at all. The majority of colder bunkers are gone too, so I guess if your town or city got nuked, that’s it really. In addition to hams and CB I guess the coastal areas would have marine - with anyone with portables.

If it’s bad, you are on your own, and lets me honest - people will improvise, but if comms are totally down - you just manage the best you can.

We do have a few paranoia prone folk here, but being nuked is not on their agenda. It’s something considered so unlikely, that it’s pointless to worry about.

I really can’t see the post apocalyptic movie style after effects being likely, realistic or practical. It’s not even worth trying to plan for. Frankly, the notion people build shelters, stockpile food and other things is just ridiculous here - and of course, nobody has weapons here, bar a really small shooting community, and crooks. Ordinary people see the Rambo stockpiling as something totally impossible to understand - as we do with the survivalist fraternity. Most people here believe this to be a Hollywood creation and such people could not possibly exist. when they discover they do, and the USA has a thriving fallout shelter building industry - we just stand back in amazement.

For me - to answer the question. I suppose I might drag out an HF set and stick an antenna up. I have VHF and UHF gear I could also stick up, and probably get 40 or 50 handhelds going with a repeater to two, batteries and suchlike. The local repeaters do not run on batteries - they will go off. I’d probably be able to hand radios out locally to important users - so that would not be ordinary people - they can do their own thing. My radio stock would go to the emergency services or the volunteers who needed them.

Ok but serious storms come lightning or winds over 100 mph or F10 tornado or as they call it the finger of God rips out cell towers lightning
Hits the repeaters the unknown can hit but you will need a another dependable communications.

but that’s the problem, ham, cb, other radio? that just might put you in touch with somebody similar. not hospitals or doctors or rescue? you could both chat about how you have no food?

Well that one 2 way radio they didn’t think about. S.O.S radio the only thing with S.O.S radio no FCC license required with S.O.S radio you contact fema
Emergency rescue team emergency food service the S.O.S radio has a emergency GPS radio beacon the radio would cost $299.99
This radio would great for hikers campers etc
And never goes out style
It has a digital service selector and transmit and receive of over 1,000 miles come with a high intensity bright single light so rescue helicopters and planes and boats can find you plus also has a powerful emergency text messager.

Google has failed. What is this thing?

It is the newest 2 way radio that be coming out in market in 2years.
The radio has a powerful high capacity rechargeable battery and rapid charger plus EMP resistant case
It would sold in sporting goods store camping store and radio and electronics stores
The software is upgradable and updated each year by your state’s emergency management service
Software will be online
With in 2 years
The radio’s light will flash alerting you it time for software update
I can probably draw a picture of what will the S.O.S 2 way radio would look like.

So it’s not real, is a wish, and totally impractical. A product that you put away for en emergency is never going to recoup costs. Impractical. I sell marine equipment. You can buy a version of one of the popular ones that has a non replaceable, non-rechargeable battery pack for putting on boats only ever to be used in an emergency. It costs double what the ordinary ones cost, and is such a slow seller I’ve given up stocking them.

I thought you were recommending a product - not imagining something!

You don’t know that there are
New kind of 2 way radios being
in the making
As for batteries smartphones built in
Batteries if that goes the phone is worthless.
The thing is there new kind of
2 way radio being delvoped
And what’s wrong with a S.OS radio? What if they make license free Two-Way radios
In the event of emergency you
don’t have time to take a study
And a fcc test.
If cell towers go out and thier repeaters go out what do you
have left ?
Think about it new types of
2 way radios are being designed
Look at ham radios when it first
came out the radios was seriously over priced and
test was very hard to.pass
You have university student compass it.

Those are all legit concerns. You can never plan for the worse scenario because it can always get worse. But planning for things that you can control is smart. A lot of ham repeaters have battery back ups. You can usually find all local repeaters and if they have battery back up on and look up all of the info there. Ham in my opinion is the best way to go because most of those people are professional and also prepare for disasters. You can also have a battery back up in your home “radio shack”. That way you have the ability to talk with or without normal power. Note also that I can talk without the help of any repeater 40+ miles away in VHF/UHF. You can also get real good info from a website which has links that deal with these types of situations.
Don’t let anyone make you feel silly for “preparing” or being a person that is concerned about prepping. Everyone is a prepper even if they don’t admit it. When they go to the grocery store and buy groceries for the whole week they are prepping. Otherwise they would go every day and only buy food for the next day. When they fill their car with gas they fill it and not just a few dollars at a time to drive for the next day. What you are doing is called SMART.
Keep doing the research and prepare for what you can. Don’t loose your head and try to plan for every contingency or you will go broke. Think out ahead for what you want to reasonably accomplish and work that plan.

Battery back up?
Are you talking about atomic batteries?
I asume the battery back up is on a charging system
I remember ham radios base and mobile the cost was high and test was very hard to pass
you have to rich university student
Your ham antenna need be grounded and the radio disconnected to avoid lighting

Come on, be honest, you’re messing us about?

The reality is that emergency comms in out of the way places has been available via satellite for years but it’s incredibly expensive. Remove satellite comms and your range shrinks to local coverage only without a network of some kind at the other end. The ham and business repeaters, the internet nodes etc. So we might be talking just a few miles, or, like Independence Day, HF to other countries, and for HF the operator needs skills and they need antennas. Power is easy. You can even go solar or clockwork. I can’t see any profit in making them. If they were $600 would you buy one and go on a course to learn how to work it?

As for commanders range, he’s lucky. Topography is everything. The people who are surrounded by higher ground are not as well served.

Prepping, is totally alien to my country. I don’t see a problem with people doing it if they feel this insecure, but in practice it’s expensive and equipment solely for emergency use very expensive. I guess preppers probably all take the ham test, which is not remotely hard nowadays, so they can practice with their gear and get it working properly in normal times. I find the notion of opening a box of bits and getting results with no skill impossible to imagine.

Ham because - usually - Ham radios can listen and transmit on so many more freqs. Some GMRS can listen but not talk, those would be good as well. The older CCR’s are my first choice since they can transmit off-band. For the family, GMRS radios for sure. The channelization (if that’s a word) means they can easily use and understand. Ham for me, GMRS for general family use for sure. We have that in place as well, some in faraday cages, just in case.

If you are preparing for disaster, then get a radio that transmits on as many bands and frequencies as you can. If the FCC don’t exist post apocalypse, they’re not going to be able to take you to a court that doesn’t exist. If you really want security and safety, buy a marine HF with every band available, an aircraft band handheld and a many band handheld. Hide them away, with enough cable to make antennas and piles of batteries and be happy. If I spent that much I’d be using the ■■■■ things.

If prepping for disaster (or just for rescue in a fringe area on your cellphone) it’s a good idea to have radios you can actually use and test from time to time (preferably within the law).
Regarding whom to contact via ham channels in an emergency, in my area the hospitals all participate in weekly ham network (and simplex) tests, including digital document distribution. Many local hams are also first responders who carry multiple radios with necessary channels and certifications. It might help that I’m also line of sight from the highest US repeater cluster east of Rapid City and north of Tennessee: Mt Washington, NH.